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I'm sort of a little bit of everything. I'm an artist, a writer, a singer, song writer, MAJOR OTAKU, fantasy freak. I like to have deep 1-on-1 conversations with people. I can also be an outdoorsy person at times as well. Most of my art is related to my story ideas, some of it isn't. Mostly I make anime/manga styled art. But I've recently been experimenting with realistic as well. I also vary between traditional and digital art at times. It just depends on my mood what I'm gonna do. ^_^


Before and After- The Elements of Her by LorayuhBlueRose025
Before and After- The Elements of Her
    This painting has taken me probably a month to finish (on and off time) I kept hitting stuck points where I wasn't sure how I wanted to go about something. And the picture was constantly undergoing changes compared to it's original inspiration.
    This shows the most recent changes I made on it. As you can see, I went from a simple base color to a very busy and possibly too colorful background.  I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it. :/ At this point I think I'm done trying to change it. If I mess with it anymore I'll only mess it up further. >.<  
    But yeah that's my most recently finished project. Thanks for stopping by!
Sherbert Hair Raspberry and Lime by LorayuhBlueRose025
Sherbert Hair Raspberry and Lime
Apparently I have a craving lol XD Made this on 8-27-16. Wanted to make a project with color and a simple background.  This is kind of the reverse of a different project I did with similar color scheme on the hair. Anyway just thought I'd share this little piece.
Thanks for viewing! Hi! 

This is a little something I wrote the other day in class.

I have already posted it on my Quotev with little response.

This is no prize winning writing, but I'd still like to share it with others.

This is the story of the girl at the table, the table by the window.  

She always sat alone, the sun being the only light encompassing her.  
She wore the same clothes everyday, sat in the same place every day, always wearing a simple mask and staring out the window.

People passed her by day by day and thought of her as they may. 
To the busy, she was simply a part of the scenery that fades to the back of our minds in our daily lives. 
To those of business she was a girl of routine and schedule.  
The skeptical saw her and found her odd, even a tad disturbing.
The mothers saw her as a young girl, perhaps as someone's child;
one who was lost in her life.  
Only a rare few saw her as a mystery. 
One to be solved.

It was these individuals who sought to discover the girl behind the mask and the costume she wore around the world.  
In their eyes the girl began to change. 
The area around her became less clouded. 
Her clothes became the expression of a thoughtful and open minded spirit. 
Until eventually, the mask was lifted.
Bright shining eyes filled with ideas to share stared back at those who spoke to her.
And a simple warm smile lit the room brighter than the sun 
that poured through the window illuminating the floating particles of dust in the air. 

They saw her, and found her an imperfect, complicated, insightful, beautiful individual. 
~Everyone is someone to the world,
but will you take the time to know who they REALLY are? ~


  • Listening to: Snow Patrol: This isn't Everything You Are

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